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Friday, September 23, 2016

Breeding Convict Cichlids in Bulk in a Single Tank

Convict Cichlids are very aggressive fish and cannot be kept together. Especially when they begin to form pairs and raise young. This causes huge amount of stress to the tankmates. Here is a solution to your problem if you house many of these cichlids.

Place containers facing upwards inside your aquarium. They should be big enough for an adult pair of convicts to move around in. Its as simple as that. The pair will not take much time in finding it and making home there. You can use a glass bowl which will give you the privilage to view them spawn and raise their fry.

Benifits of doing this:-
  1. The other tankmates are safe from the aggressive convict cichlid pair.
  2. The babies are safely confined in the bowl and safe from other fish. This makes the protecting job easier for the parents.
  3. The babies wont get swept away by sudden currents in the tank and get lost.
  4. You can introduce many containers facing upward in your tank based on the number of pairs you got in there. This protects them from eachother and gives them the benifit of nesting in closer proximity to rival pairs. This way you make the most out of the least space in your aquarium.
  5. Greater mortality of the off spring.
  6. Here is the best part --- You an also easily transport an entire family to another tank by simply lifting the container gently and slowly without them knowing. This gives you much more control over your Convict Cichlid Pairs.
Try this out and enjoy the results. Do post comments.

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