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Monday, June 24, 2013

Convict Cichlid - Fighters of the Deep

In the wild, survival is a tough game. Everyone has heard of the law of the jungle i.e. Kill or be killed. That also applies right in your aquarium, especially if you got a lot of fish who end up competing against each other to get bigger and better.

Fish have their own ways of combating each other or other competitive species, in order to protect themselves or their territory. Cichlids make extreme warriors of the water world. They are smart and agile.

Convict Cichlids which are very common in the aquarium trade, are a very aggressive species that make great fighters. They are known to
even attack bigger fish. They are built robust, possess great speed and can deliver a stunning bite, thanks to the fine row of teeth they possess along their jaws. These teeth are fine and tough to spot with the human eye.

Attack Patterns

Convict Cichlids will normally start the battle with warning signs. These can be, by moving side by side, next to the enemy and jerk and flare their gills. They also raise their fins to make themselves look bigger. In process of combat, they move back and forth and make quick darts and bite at the enemy. They often end up in a lip lock, especially with their own kind or with other cichlid varieties and this can go on for a few minutes till the weaker one retreats. Each one has their own technique of fighting. Darting and biting and dodging an attack can involve skill and experience. I have noticed, that the senior convicts will prevail in dominance despite size. Over time, based on their environment, they develop combating skills, which in turn makes them better survivors.

In process of defending their young, the female convict cichlid will assist the male by following the same attack patterns by his side. They can be good teammates in fighting off other fish. Many a times, I have noticed 2 pairs quarreling each other.

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