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Monday, June 24, 2013

Convict Cichlid - Fighters of the Deep

In the wild, survival is a tough game. Everyone has heard of the law of the jungle i.e. Kill or be killed. That also applies right in your aquarium, especially if you got a lot of fish who end up competing against each other to get bigger and better.

Fish have their own ways of combating each other or other competitive species, in order to protect themselves or their territory. Cichlids make extreme warriors of the water world. They are smart and agile.

Convict Cichlids which are very common in the aquarium trade, are a very aggressive species that make great fighters. They are known to

Monday, June 17, 2013

House Keeping Fish

If your tank is placed in a bright location, or if you are using bright lights, you will surely experience algae issues every now and then. This leads to a tank that's filled with algae, which prevent you from seeing your fish. For this I would recommend a sucker. I have personally tried snails and Kissing Gouramis, but the sucker fish out beats them both single handedly. I've got one and I shuffle him between my tanks every now and then. He is a hog and it takes him

Monday, June 10, 2013

Zero Cost Way of Identifying Water Problems

Not everyone who keeps aquariums will spent a ton of money on test kits of all sorts. Getting into the aquarium hobby doesn't require you to be a scientist. The aquarium test kits out there in the market are over priced according to me based on the no of tests allowed. Bescides, if you really get into all this chemistry, you will not only need a test kit for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, but also test kits for water ph, hardness etc. You might as well also go in for water stablizer kits too, as water changes arn't always going to be the ultimate fix.

Phytoplangton (Green Water)

If an aquarium is receiving sunlight, in the presence of nutrients like ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, the water starts to turn green and can get to a state where you wont be able to see the fish at all. Green water is a sign of excess nutrients in the water and call for water changes. This could also be a sign of filter issues. Maybe its clogged and needs cleaning, or maybe the benificial bacteria has died out.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hunger and Health

The difference between an aquarium fish and a wild fish is that an aquarium fish is stuck in a puddle. Whereas a wild fish has all the fresh water it needs to thrive. Since the water provided to an aquarium fish is limited, it takes an outside force to change the water in order to keep it fresh. If the water is gets bad, and this happens real fast in the absence of filtration, the fish will get sick. A sick fish doesn't move in the normal way and you will notice it.


Hunger is one sign of good health in general. This applies not only to fish, but also to other living things. If your fish