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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Controlling Convict Cichlid Aggression - The Struggle for Peace

convict cichlid the struggle for peace
Convict cichlids are highly aggressive in nature. It is your duty to try and control Convict Cichlid aggression to some extent. Convict ciclids can be aggressive towards their own kind, or towards other fish. The aggression level increases especially once they pair up. They become even more aggressive when they spawn. Now if you are stuck with too many of these fish in your tank, it will be your responsibility to control convict cichlid aggression. Now there are a few tricks that you can try out.

Cichlid Tank Decorations
By changing your tank decorations, you are giving them something else to worry about. The convicts get busy searching for new homes and settling down. So during this time there will probably be less picking on others. You can repeat this on a weekly basis to keep the aggression level to the minimum.
Separate the Bullies
Watch out for those big bad bullies and put them all in a boss tank. This gives the weaker ones a chance to get bigger and stronger.

Cichlids - Males and Females should be separated
This could probably be the ultimate solution. As there is no pairing up, there is not much of a need for a home or territory. Since there is no pair, there are no eggs or fry to protect. Hence the level of aggression will be less.

These are all the different ways by which you can try to achieve peace in your tank. Try out different methods and follow that which works best for your aqua buddies.