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Monday, February 18, 2013

Convict Cichlid - Tank Reorganizers

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Convict Cichlids are very materialistic. Their attitude is "Be The Boss Of Everything". They like to dominate all the other fish in the tank and they won't leave the decorations alone, either. They will rearrange everything in the tank till they are satisfied with the way things are. They are expert movers and packers. They have great pushing power and can relocate surprisingly big items. If you keep them, you should by now know what I mean.

They like holes, burrows, caves, ship wrecks, sculls, ruins etc. They are from the dark side. They don't like beautiful, colorful stuff like plants, flowers etc. Hence, if your planning to keep Convicts, you might want to opt in for aquarium themes like sculls, caves, ship wreck, scull island, anything like the end of life, Armageddon, dooms day etc. ;) You can use big stones, or use hollow broken barrels, sculls with holes big enough for them to go in and out, just be creative.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quick Introduction To Convict Cichlid Fish

In the water world, inhabiting the lower and mid depth, staking claim over territory and fighting to protect it are an intelligent and impressive species of cichlids, known as the Convict Cichlid. The name convict, because of the black stripes, similar to that of a prisoner's uniform. These fish are notorious troublemakers in most aquariums, and keeping them, means watching out for violent breakouts in the aquarium.

Although these fish are beautiful, agile and colorful, their aggression is a major factor that denies the idea of keeping these with other milder fish. I am an aquarium enthusiast, and have a generation of these bad boys ranging from like 5 years. Of course, when the idea of raising fry to adults comes into the picture, insuring a lower mortality rate is not as easy.

Regular 25% Water Changes

People like to keep aquariums, but no one wants to dip their hands in the water. At the most, they might install a filter and leave everything to it. If you have the bacteria culture along with the test kits then its fine, as long as you check it on a regular basis. Ammonia spikes can happen real fast and cause damage to your fish's internal organs. This is the one thing that happens almost everywhere, as most people do not understand the importance of maintenance.

Just like us, fish will urinate and excrete wastes. In the wild, this thing is fine as all of that is washed away by the current and the volume of water is too large to lead to a chemical buildup. But in your aquarium, think of it as your fish swimming in his own piss and shit soup. You wouldn't like that, would you?